I think I’ve finally turned from juice girl to a smoothie girl.

There really should be a club for people like me: people who hate bananas.

And most of the blogs/recipes out there feature banana as their key ingredient in smoothies.

That is, until I came across this app from Lauren at Ascension Kitchen. Lauren is gorgeous, her philosophy is so similar to mine (except she has a heap of qualifications behind her) and her site is beautiful too – check it out here.

Lauren Glucina_low res[2]

Lauren has just launched this app called Green Smoothies and I got it, and now my go-to drink in the morning as I’m flying out the door is a version of one of hers called Green Magnetic (except I’ve been taking out the honey and adding ginger and a few other random greens from the garden!).

It is so nice to have the inspiration and feel like I have another option in my breakfast routine… and the blender is easier to clean than the juicer if I’m honest.

There are heaps of different smoothies in her app to choose from, and they all have these beautiful zen names like anti-flame, fire fighter and belly hush. My favourite part though (aside from the recipes) is that on each one there is a little picture of a buddha, and then you click on it, it makes this gong sound and you get a little message from buddha about the recipe. Makes me smile every time.


Lauren has kindly given me 5 of her apps to give away (so generous!), but even if you aren’t a winner, I really do recommend this one, and it is only $3.79.

The best part of this giveaway is also that I can offer it to anyone, anywhere, so whereever you are in the world, if you have an Andriod or Apple device, get on in there and enter the comp.

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Robyn xx